One More Trip to The Shack

For those of you who have read Paul Young's The Shack (or for those considering reading it), please go NOW to the following link, which offers two of the author's testimonies from two Sunday morning services at the Crossroads Church in Denver. You'll need to scroll down on the page to the lower right hand corner and I'd recommend listening to the second message first. Here, Young tells the story of his broken life, touched, loved, and healed by the love of God in Christ. It's a very moving story and one that despite its uniqueness will resonate with your own story, I'm confident. Here's the link and it's worth your time (and if you're in a book study with others reading The Shack, consider playing the MP3 file for one of your next gatherings):

I hope you'll find this as helpful and inspiring as we did!


Mike said...

I finally had time to listen to this last night. Incredibly powerful and reminds me even more that grace needs to be abundant in my life - something I've had too little of lately. But I can't give what I don't have and I think there have blockages to letting God's grace in - probably the theme for me for the new year, more grace...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing about what this theme of grace is meaning for you right now. So much of our backgrounds, upbringing, culture, family-of-origin issues conspire to make us grace-less, or to experience what one writer called dys-grace! Spiritual formation has got to be the unraveling of the old patterns and the living into the new. It's a journey isn't it? And we're all in it together!