When Life...Slows...You...Down.

I've had this nasty bug for almost a week now. It began with what I thought were allergy symptoms, progressed rapidly into a head cold with pink eye, then laryngitis, sinus-, and an ear-infection. Joy.

The good news is that the risk I took in trusting God to help me preach sick this past Sunday more than paid off. Once again, I'm struck by how God is far more committed to his Word and to his people than ever a preacher could be. I'm also impressed by how God seemed to call me into living the message I was preaching--even as I was preaching it (if you're interested in hearing the sermon, go to: http://www.fpcboulder.org/audio.html in a day or two for the audio file. The written version should soon be available at: http://www.fpcboulder.org/transcripts.html). Check out the sermon and you'll see what I mean.

My point today is that this upper respiratory illness has forced me to slow down. I find myself feeling terribly inefficient. I've taken a sick day. My voice still sounds froggy. I've been on the bike only to spin easily and get some blood flowing. And that's where the point came to me: slowing down, pedaling and breathing at an easier cadence, forced me to see things on my typical ride I normally blow past: certain wildflowers, a crumbling barn, country houses tucked away off a side road. Moving slowly, as unexciting and lazy as it felt, gave me a renewed appreciation for the good gifts in my life: the joy of living in such a beautiful place like Boulder County, the wonderful roads I take for granted, the textures and colorful palette of God's amazing artistry. I don't think I'd always want to ride or live at this pace, but if I gain the grace to see the goodness in it, it won't have been wasted. When life slows you down, will you take in the hidden gifts?


geoff said...


While I haven't been afflicted with the bug (and I appreciate your effort last Sunday when you could have easily packed it in), I had a similar experience Thursday.

After all of the hype of "Bike to Work Day" on Wednesday, on Thursday AM, about halfway to work, I declared that morning "Bike Past Work Day". I decided not to worry if I could get to work in 38, 40, or 42 minutes and when I got to the last turnoff, just slowed down and kept riding for a couple of miles, experiencing the absolute beauty of a crisp, clear, early summer morning. What a gift from God those last few miles were... open fields, beautiful farms, brilliant sun. And no one really missed those extra few minutes of my time at work.

A lot of my current reading is about the intentional Sabbaths, about "faithing your practice" as much as "practicing your faith", taking advantage of opportunities like this for a different kind of worship.


Geoff Babb

Carl Hofmann said...

Gosh, Geoff, you've definitely got the bug--the cycling bug, that is! I like the idea of "faithing your practice." Of course, it makes me think of "faithing the music" or "faithing east to watch the sun rise."
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Glad you stopped by!